02.20.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

The Bobcats got crushed 85-65 in San Antonio last night, but they could have lost 85-2 as long as the lone basket was this dunk by Jason Richardson. It doesn't really get any better than Manu Ginobili getting a faceful of J-Rich's crotch while the Argentine flophound tries to draw a charge inside the arc.

Fan IQ has several other videos of the Spurs acting like assholes (Bruce Bowen recreating a scene from Flashdance; the Longorias doing "Summer Nights" from Grease) that I won't post because somebody made Zapruder films by hand-recording what was on their TV.  Who are the mongoloids who keep doing this?  It looks like fucking shit.  Stop doing it.  I'm serious.  It's like the people who start a blog but can't differentiate betwee your and you're.  You failed before you even started.  Just go ahead and kill yourself before you get a chance to reproduce.

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