08.05.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Giants quarterback Eli Manning signed an extension, as reported earlier this morning by…somebody. Somebody had it first, and I really don’t know who it was. I can’t keep track of all of this.

Fox reported that the deal is worth $97.5 million over six seasons, including $35 million in guaranteed money. Manning is entering the final season of his six-year, approximately $50 million contract. via, via.

Why is it that the highest-paid player in team sports never seems to be the BEST player? You’d think that with the 50 draft picks that the Giants sent to San Diego in 2004 that New York had paid enough for a guy that was pretty much useless after Plaxico shot himself in the leg. But “Manning” has become a brand name in the NFL, much like “Samsung” has for electronics or “Asian threesome” for adult entertainment. I guess what I’m saying is that this deal doesn’t make any sense at all since Eli’s not Korean. Or downloadable to my iPod. Hey, sometimes business has to be tended to remotely.

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