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Back in the day, a Division I-A football team could finish undefeated and have a chance to win at least a piece of the national championship. No longer. The Boise State Broncos, who haven’t lost a regular season game since 2007, seemed to have gained a sniff when Oregon (who the Broncos beat in their opener) beat USC last Saturday. Instead, sportswriters gushed over Oregon’s conquest of a name program, one that can’t seem to get through its own conference without a loss, let alone its entire schedule. Even TCU seems to be getting the cachet that seems to elude Boise State.

So what can they do? Well they hired a PR firm to try and keep the buzz going. But what about their schedule? Yeah, Boise State can’t even get a road game with anybody.

The Broncos are not asking for a return game in Boise. Just one road game. And about 10 teams have turned the Broncos down, according to [WAC commissioner Karl] Benson.

“They’re running into a situation where nobody will schedule them, nobody will take them,” Benson told the Statesman’s Chadd Cripe. –Idaho Statesman.

The mindset is obvious: even a single loss in the regular season is too costly for any program. Well, any program except Boise State, whose 6 WAC titles seem to hang around their necks like medals from the Special Olympics. But I don’t blame the BCS–I blame the idealistic sportswriters that took time out of fellating Notre Dame to knock the Broncos from 5th to 8th in both human polls after blowing out Hawaii. It’s like Boise State has BCS AIDS, which would make a great toll-free hotline if anyone out there is feeling entrepreneurious at the moment. Yeah, that’s a word now. I spent the last week growing it in my dictionarium. Get over it.

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