Expert: Big Ben Might Be Brain Damaged

05.06.10 9 years ago 23 Comments

Ben Roethlisberger has found the voice of a lone supporter in a sea of dissenters. And that man is Dr. Jordan Grafman, a neuropsychologist at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. He says that Big Ben’s behavior might be attributed to brain damage caused by his motorcycle accident in 2007.

“If you’re married and you’re flirting with another woman in an elevator with your wife next to you,” Grafman says, “that’s the kind of clearly inappropriate behavior.” Roethlisberger is not married, but one man told me that Roethlisberger had asked out his wife while the man was present.

“Say somebody comes into the room dressed like an idiot,” Grafman says. “You might say something about it, but you’d whisper to your friend, not to the person. If you say it to the person themselves, that’s a violation of social rules.”

Another person told me that Roethlisberger said aloud to a friend, “I didn’t know you like fat chicks,” referring to a woman standing near the friend. According to the account relayed to me, Roethlisberger proclaimed this loudly enough that it was clear that he had no regard for whether the woman heard or not. –

Sounds like Roethlisberger might have a future playing college lacrosse. Whether his dipshittery was caused by excessive trauma or a sense of entitlement, he’s still responsible for his behavior. This scientist coming out and offering up a defense for Ben does little else but illustrate how people have continually made excuses for a guy that leaves everyone thinking that he’s a total prick. At least mention the fact that he went to Miami of Ohio. They breed a-holes out of test tubes at that school.

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