12.01.06 11 years ago 2 Comments

After a midseason slump that featured a porous defense and an inability to win close games, the Bengals looked downright stout last night in their 13-7 victory over the Ravens, a game I somehow watched most of despite the NFL Network advertising the wrong time and screwing over its own subscribers. I sometimes wonder if I'm really that big of an NFL fan, or if I just like having an excuse to go to the bar under the pretense of "work." Maybe a little of both?

Of course, there won't be any real news about these teams until Saturday or Sunday. That's when the police blotter should turn up some good stuff. With ten days of rest coming up, Chris Henry has Cincy all to himself this Friday and Saturday, and Ray Lewis can orchestrate all the murders he can get away with. You can do things like that when you're God's Linebacker.

Seriously, it works. A commenter called With Leather God's Sports Blog, and since then I got those statutory rape charges dropped. Hooray for Canadian age of consent laws! I knew chaperoning that field trip to Montreal would be a good idea.

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