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kim-kardashian-huge-boobsGood Morning! It’s Super Bowl Eve-Eve here at With Leather, so today’s Meat is featuring two juicy roasts for the price of one: Kim Kardashian’s jumblies.  You’re welcome.  Have a great weekend, everyone!  Oh, also!  Be sure to stay tuned this weekend for PUNTE’s smack-talkin’ updates from Vegas.  Img.

MM Bacon,-Opt-F Sizzling headlines straight from the griddle

Mike is Dunleavin’…his Head Coach position with the LA Clippers, and is just going to GM instead.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that this is the ideal time for me to direct my efforts toward the many personnel opportunities that lie before us, such as the trade market, the draft and the free agent process,” Dunleavy said in a statement. “We fully expect to be active and productive on all those fronts.”–Fox Sports

Soooo, there’s that.  At least he has a future in stand-up.

It’s Not Rape, It’s Surprise Sex. Michael Irvin may have raped some lady in Florida in 2007.  We know this may have happened because she just filed a civil suit–sans criminal charges–on Thursday.  Not the Thursday after it happened, or even 10 Thursdays after it happened.  Yesterday.  3 years later.

More Money Woes for the Pros. NFL players should expect a lockout in 2011, and have been advised to save 25% of their 2010 salary so they don’t end up in the poor house.  The good news is that the NFL Players Association buddied up with the AARP in order to help former players to be more involved.  I just hope that when the players are locked out they’ll be able to take advantage of the Early Bird Special at Perkins.

Olympians “Justify” Their Love of Junk Food. With the Winter Olympics breathing down our necks, the Athletes are hard at work getting in tip-top shape.  They have all kinds of sophisticated theories involving sleep and eating–like flat cola for electrolytes while working out, and cramming their faces full of PB&J all day long.  It’s sort of like the time I tried to convince my trainer that drinking Scotch was a heart-healthy option because it promotes blood flow and reduces stress (yes, I really did do that).

MM Eggs,-Opt-F Sunny-side up scores containing at least one 0

NBA Heat 86, Cavaliers 102

NCAAB North Carolina 70, Virginia Tech 74

MM Sausage,-Opt-F No breakfast is complete without some links!

  • Good news!  The Weather Channel says Hurricane Katrina jokes are funny again.  Kissing Suzy Kolber.
  • I don’t want to ruin this for you, but Snickers might be the next Diane Sawyer.  Warming Glow.
  • Big ups goes out to NBC for their totally non-embarrassing lunchtime “tribute” to Black History Month.  Smoking Section.
  • I guess the NFL/Super Bowl hates ‘queens, because they banned’s commercial.  BuzzCuts.
  • Jessica Biel is hardcore.  She was willing to eat a chocolate-covered cricket in order to plug her movie on Leno, which probably means she’s also DTF.  Just sayin’.  Inside TV.
  • My All-American anime brother, Joey Jones, found a kickass robot that fights bad guys.  Meet: HEROMAN! Comics Alliance.
  • MMA is classy, and here’s why…Bleacher Report.
  • Holy crap this is dope.  We’re about to be blessed by the only musical you’ll ever be willing to watch in public.  Wait for it…AMERICAN PSYCHO: THE MUSICAL! Pajiba.

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