07.10.08 10 years ago 16 Comments

The Seattle Mariners have finally cut first baseman Richie Sexson.  For whatever reason (perhaps the .211 average or 30 RBI in 74 games this season), the M's didn't think he was worth $15.5 million owed him in the final year of $50 million contract.

As of Wednesday afternoon, [manager Jim] Riggleman had said he was planning on playing Sexson at first base in the series finale against the A's in Oakland Thursday, then a day or two in Kansas City.

But watching the negative vibes coming from Sexson as he was passed over for Wednesday's start pulled the trigger for Riggleman.  "You could see his dissatisfaction," Riggleman said, "and I thought to myself, 'You know what, we don't need this.'"

Wow, it must be hard to be a baseball manager.  You really have to interact with the players every day to reach a conclusion that everyone else arrived at sometime over the last two years.

Of course, it's not really Sexson's fault he sucks.  This whole mess came about because of former GM Bill Bavasi's reign of terror.  Next up on the chopping block: worst DH in MLB history Jose Vidro.  When they cut him, I want it to be literally, and with a rusty chainsaw.

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