Goodell Dragging Feet On Big Ben Ruling

04.19.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

NFL commissioner and arbiter on good behavior Roger Goodell is still mum on what sort of suspension Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger will be receiving, but he has at least indicated that there will be one. Goodell was on the radio show of that one guy that used to do SportsCenter, and Goodell promised to rule quickly and prudently. Just kidding; he’s gonna keep Big Ben dangling in the wind.

“There may be plenty of reports. I make the decision when I”m prepared to do so,” Goodell said.

Dan then asked Goodell if there has been a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy.”Yes, there has been a violation of that,” Goodell said. “The issue here is respect to a pattern of behavior … bad judgments.”

Goodell said he needed time to review all the facts. “Obviously there is a depute about the facts that occurred that night,” Goodell said. –Dan Patrick Show.

So Goodell is going to put on his detective pants and SOLVE THE MYSTERY! But seriously, I think Ben gets four games, even though he was neither charged nor arrested for any crime. Although, let’s be honest, this haircut should be at least a misdemeanor. Even in Pennsylvania.

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