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More like lumber-JILLs!  Wokka wokka wokka!

Today, With Leather salutes two of New Hampshire’s finest student-athletes, sisters Christiann and Arielle Unger, who are both members of the University of New Hampshire’s woodsman team — when they’re not competing in beauty pageants, that is.  Christiann, 21, and Arielle, 18, have competed in pageants since each was 17 — and have both been using log-splitters since grade school.

The family lives on a three-acre lot in Danville, and they cleared an acre of it themselves.

Arielle, who bench pressed 135 pounds three times as a high school senior one day in gym, gets enlisted at home to move heavy objects — like large air-conditioning units from floor to floor.

Their mom, Debbie, calls Arielle her “little ox.”

Yeah!  A sexy ox!  You know, for whatever reason, girls just don’t know how to take that as a compliment.

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