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Ugh, boat owners.  Those self-entitled assholes think they can just park anywhere they want.  Why, just the other day I saw a couple of jet skis in a handicapped spot.

No, the real story of these photos — taken at the exclusive Loch Lomond club in Scotland — is just garden-variety irresponsible boating.

The skipper of the boat, which was called The Final Fling, was forced to abandon ship and jump into the water ["I regret nothing!" -Ed.] after it was sent off course by waves from another vessel. It hit rocks and flew into the air, landing on the golf course. Golfers who saw the boat coming towards the course ran for cover…

People running for cover as a boat comes ashore?  Oh man, this is just like Speed 2.  I wish someone else had seen Speed 2 so they could agree with me.

[Waggle Room via SbB

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