Here’s That Canadian Football Team Fighting In The Stands

10.21.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

Canadian football is different from American football in only a handful of ways. In Canada, teams only get three downs to go ten yards, they play 12 men on each side, pre-snap forward motion is legal, and apparently so is fighting in the stands. For a demonstration, we turn to the St. Leonard Cougars of the Canadian Junior Football League, who deliver a scene ripped out of Slap Shot during their conference final game. Note the overhead smash to the fan’s head with a milk crate. That’s technique you just can’t teach.

You won’t believe this, but St. Leonard lost the game. Shoulda busted out the milk crate sooner, fellas. Maybe they would have won if they hadn’t been drinking all that milk. Just watch the video. via JockPost.

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