Video Of That Reds-Cardinals Brawl

08.11.10 8 years ago 23 Comments

Cincinnati really is a great city. For violence. This was evidenced last night when the Reds and Cardinals met for the first game of their series at the Great American Ballpark, which, to be honest, isn’t really that great. I mean, it’s okay, but it’s not like it’s so much better than Riverfront was. It takes a lot more than smokestacks in the outfield to impress me.

Anyway, the video’s after the jump. And the bucket of cliche’ announcer comments was completely emptied to boot: It’s turning ugly! You certainly don’t wanna see anybody get hurt! The umpires need to get control of this! There’s no love lost between these two teams! Eh, whatever. Anything that gets Dusty Baker out of the dugout is cool by me, even if it’s only for one night. He probably just went back to his office and got a handy from the receptionist, who promptly tore three ligaments in her forearm. Hey, that was a long way to go for that joke but it had to be done.

Aw, crap. Wrong video…

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