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And yet everyone turns a blind eye to pole smoking in that city.

After a photo of Michael Jordan smoking a cigar during a practice round at the Harding Park Golf Course appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, an official for the city of San Francisco took the time to remind the PGA to inform Michael Jordan that smoking is not allowed in or at public facilities in their fair city. Jordan is serving as an honorary assistant to captain Fred Couples for the upcoming President’s Cup, which officially kicks off Thursday when the first round of competition takes place at Harding Park, a public course.

Jordan, always the rebel, appeared to be at least partially aware of the ban, but maintained he planned on smoking anyway. When asked how many cigars he intended to smoke, Jordan replied:

“Well,” Jordan replied, “that depends, because I heard this is a public place, so they limit what you can smoke. I’m not even supposed to be smoking, but this was a practice round and no one said anything.”

If he is permitted to smoke, Jordan said, “I would say (it’s) a three-cigar round. I would try to keep it at a minimum of three.” via.

Not so fast, MJ. Bureaucrats in San Francisco, like their counterparts all over the country, have little else to do but ensure that its citizens adhere to even the most ludicrous of city rules and regulations. Smoking? Outside? What could you have possibly been thinking?

San Francisco Recreation and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg assumed the role of Major Buzzkill in this situation.

“You mean about Spare the Air Jordan?” said Recreation and Park General Manager Phil Ginsburg.

“I’ve already sent off an e-mail to the PGA Tour director,” Ginsburg said. “It was sort of a gentle nudge reminding them that smoking is illegal and that we would appreciate their support.”

HARF HARF HARF! “Spare the Air Jordan?” That’s gold, Jerry! Gold! If this guy isn’t hitting amateur nights at the comedy clubs in San Francisco, he’s missing out on a second career. Or at least to give himself the opportunity to meet a nice guy to take home to mom.

You know, because everyone that lives in San Francisco is gay, right? At least that’s what my pastor told me. He lives in San Francisco now.

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