High School Girl Inspires The World

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12.06.10 9 Comments

I know what you’re thinking – “Burnsy, will you please stop banging my girlfriend and where’s your post about UCF winning the Conference USA championship and your Knights cracking the BCS Top 25 for the first time in program history?” And the answers are no, and there’s no need to point out the obvious about the CUSA championship when everyone clearly watched it on Saturday. Besides, I’m a man of the people and I know what people around here want – girls’ high school track.

Holland Reynolds helped guide her track team to a victory in true champion style last week, as she collapsed just feet from the finish line during a 3.1-mile race. Reynolds, a junior at University High School in San Francisco, was suffering from fatigue and cramps, as well as mild hypothermia, when she couldn’t take it anymore and hit the ground. But instead of letting the event staff assist her for medical treatment, Holland crawled across the finish line, assuring her team the state championship. And if Holland hasn’t earned badass status in your book yet, she did it all for her team’s coach, who is suffering from Lou Gehrig’s disease. What a dick, that Gehrig, getting everyone sick.

Video of Holland making hypothermia her bitch after the jump…

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