Hoc-key? It’s A Chicago-Philly Final

05.25.10 9 years ago 8 Comments

The Stanley Cup Final will deliver a marquee matchup for the third straight year. After the Philadelphia Flyers managed to dispatch that pesky Montreal squad in five games, they’ll face the Chicago Blackhawks in Game 1 starting on Saturday. Whoa…Saturday? They’re gonna take four days off? What kind of hotel is this?

Anyway, if you’re not a fan of hockey, here are a couple storylines that everyone is following: Flyers captain Mike Richards actually picked up the Wales conference championship trophy, which traditionally has been a no-no, but they’re from Philly. They specialize in unruliness. And then there’s Patrick Kane leading the Blackhawks; he and teammate Jonathan Toews are third and first in playoff points scored, respectively. You might remember Kane as the guy that punched out that cab driver last year. That was fun. I mean…not for the cabbie, obviously.

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