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I guess the Sabers and Senators have some kind of intense rivalry, because even as physical as hockey is, you usually don’t see one player bite another, as Jarkko Ruutu — if that is his real name — did to Andrew Peters’s hand last night. From Sabres Edge:

Peters, one of the most gregarious Sabres, had the media in stitches by telling us it was his “texting thumb” that took the bite. “I’m cut pretty good,” he said. “I won’t be able to text message anyone. Now I actually have to talk to people which is kind of a bummer because I hate talking on the phone.”

Man, he’s got a point there. I f’n HATE talking on the phone.  And talking to people in person.  And any kind of instant messaging. And other people in general. I bet if I didn’t dislike everyone on the planet so much, Peters and I might get along.

Yeah… I wasn’t really cut out for working in an office. People get touchy about getting glared at with burning hatred. “What, why am I fired? I didn’t even tell you how much I hated you.”

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