Hoo Boy, Oregon…

12.15.10 7 years ago 5 Comments

The Oregon Ducks are planning to wear special uniforms for their national championship tilt against Auburn. And while those gentlemen living in the deep south have exercised some fashion nightmares in their days, this submission is enough to make Ryan Seacrest squeal like a little girl. In other words, normally.

No big surprises – they include muted metallic grays and blinding lime green highlights, including green socks.

The Oregonian talked to designer Todd Van Horne about the newest look. Apparently, head coach Chip Kelly also lists fashion consultant on his resume.

“We worked with (Kelly) and designed something that will actually look like blur on the field,” [designer Todd] Van Horne said.

–The Oregonian.

Not pictured: the neon jockstraps and incandescent LED lights in the helmets that change the color of the “O” depending on the player’s mood. I’ve had it with all of the Oregon uniforms. I don’t need to see every which way a school can polish a turd. Until they put actual wings and machine guns on there, I’m done. Yes, I think it’s time to see machine guns in college football. Mike Leach is totally cool with it.

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