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Many Americans get too drunk on their 21st birthday to remember the events of the evening.  Well, there's an easy solution to this: no no, it's not "get less drunk."  It's "start breaking things until the police arrive, thus guaranteeing a handy recap in the campus paper."

That's the story of Penn State junior Daniel Costenbader, who was wearing only jeans and a Nittany Lions football helmet when police found him in the university's football building early Thursday morning, holding the Alamo Bowl trophy and surrounded by between $5000 and $10,000 worth of damage. 

Following a night of drinking at his friend's University Terrace apartment and two downtown bars, Costenbader told police he was on his way back to his Toftrees apartment when he decided to hop the fence onto the football practice field. He told police he stripped to his boxer shorts and began running around the field, hitting tackling dummies. He then saw an open gate and headed toward the Lasch building, according to court documents.

Though Costenbader told police he doesn't remember much about being in the building, he admitted to breaking a glass window as well as being in the locker and weight rooms, according to court documents. While inside, Costenbader allegedly damaged a window in the training office by throwing weights at it, flipped two tables and two trampolines in the training room and broke a window in the south lobby.

Man I miss college.  It was always so exciting, starting each day by going, "Where am I?"  Maybe it was a holding cell, maybe it was some girl's bed, maybe it was an alley outside the bar.  Every day was full of surprises.

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