07.30.09 9 years ago 13 Comments

This is a fun little tiff at the game in Los Angeles/Anaheim/California/United States/Earth last night, and the turnaround and quality on these videos seems to improve by the month. One can only presume that these people have never seen a black person in real life that close-up before, but really, who knows. Maybe soon we’ll have enough cameras on these things that one will be rolling five minutes before the fight actually starts.

A lot of people blame this sort of thing on the mere presence of beer at baseball games, as if it’s some sort of devil’s elixir that forces good-natured people into doing bad things. Those people are fools. People start these things because they have no respect for other people, they have this inflated sort of pride, and they have no concept of how to interact normally in society. And those people need to just chill. Because if I wanted to associate myself with scum like that, I’d be sitting in the dugout. via.

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