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One of the stories I didn’t cover as the playoffs started was Steelers kicker Jeff Reed bleaching his hair.  Before the season began, he promised the team that he would bleach his hair if they made the playoffs.

Think about that for a second.  He promised an excellent team favored to win the division that if they made the playoffs, he’d bleach his hair.  Dude, if you want to do it so badly, just do it.  Don’t make up BS camaraderie bets.  It’s not like James Harrison is in the huddle thinking, “Well, I wasn’t going to give it my all in the 4th quarter of this must-win game, but I really want to see our kicker dye his hair.”  Just say, “I’m a jackass and I prefer my hair to look stupid.”  People will respect your honesty.

Oh, and Steelermania is taking over the Web.  Get your Terrible Towel chocolates and visit Steeler Mexico while you can!  In a related story, I bet I can suck-start this pistol.

[image from this video via TIGG]

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