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Thanks to John for the tip on this: An ice skating bear in Russia (not pictured) killed one of its trainers and wounded another during a circus rehearsal in Kyrgyzstan. This is why it kicks ass to be a bear. When you reach middle age as a human, all you can do is buy a more expensive car. But if you’re a bear, you can eat people!

Workers had to drag the bear away during the attack, according to the director of the arena, Kurmangazy Isanayev.

The exits were closed off as staff waited for the emergency services.

Police shot the bear dead at the scene. –Fox News.

Sky News reports that over 3,000 animals work in Russian circuses. Leave it to a former communist regime to eradicate animal unemployment within 20 years. If they ever teach those bears how to shoot guns, the fall of the Western world will be eminent. Let’s hope they learn how to roll joints and illegally download music first.

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