10.03.08 10 years ago 10 Comments

I’m not sure if the Lingerie Football League is ever going to start holding games, but at the very least, the teams are getting assembled and they’re hanging out at nightclubs to take promotional photos and drink a little too much and make out with each other.  Although that last part might just be my imagination.

Busted Coverage is all over the lingerie football phenomenon, compiling galleries of the Los Angeles Temptation (above), Chicago Bliss, Tampa Breeze, and Phoenix Scorch.  Basically, every team name  sounds like a girl drink or something you pay extra for at a whorehouse.  In addition, the Seatte Mist are holding auditions, er, tryouts for their squad.  Better get your act together, Seattle.  All the other teams are already practicing wearing their uniforms.  I don’t want the Mist to look sluggish at the beginning of the season just because they didn’t spend enough time in training camp.  They need to practice blitz packages and the two-minute offense.

In a related story, sex with me is often called the “two-minute offense.”

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