08.20.08 10 years ago 15 Comments

NBC chose not to air Usain Bolt's historic record-setting 200-meter performance online so that Bob Costas and company could be the "first" to air it during tonight's coverage.  But the thing about the Internet is that they kinda have it all over the world, and other countries actually televise the events as they happen.  So here's the video in some European language (via TSB), which should last a couple more minutes until the IOC's lawyers go after YouTube.  Once that happens, I'll switch it over to Awful Announcing's version in German.  Then if that doesn't work I'll switch it over to the Buzzcuts player.

Seriously, this is an amazing race.  It's one thing to hear that he set a world record, but to watch him destroy the field is jaw-dropping.  I understand copyright law is going to disagree with me here, but there's really no good reason we should have to wait another nine hours for NBC to let us see it.  I'm gonna get sued now, aren't I?  Dammit. 

UPDATE: Those IOC lawyers are good at their jobs. 

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