The Internet Was Blown Away By The Announcement Of Conor McGregor Vs. Eddie Alvarez At UFC 205

Late on Monday night, the UFC dropped a massive bombshell on us all, revealing that the much anticipated Conor McGregor vs. Eddie Alvarez fight would indeed end up headlining the promotion’s arrival in New York City at Madison Square Garden. That ended weeks of will they / won’t they rumors that involved fake injury news, fake bout agreements being sent to other contenders, and all sorts of other cloak and dagger stuff.

The clock was always ticking down to today, when the UFC is set to host a press conference at Madison Square Garden to announce the full NYC card for Nov. 12. Did the fight suddenly come together at the last second? Or was a decent amount of this just theater to save the fight announcement for the right moment? Whatever the case, the internet and MMA community is now buzzing about the fight and its implications.

Let’s take a look at the internet’s best reactions, starting with lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez first:

Not so happy with this all is #1 lightweight contender Khabib Nurmagomedov, who had been sent contracts to fight Alvarez at both UFC 205 and UFC 206.

This also has implications for the featherweight division and #1 contender Max Holloway:

And now onto the rest of the chatter: