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This Mercedes belongs to Arsenal’s William Gallas, who’s kind of a prick. But when you drive around in an entire car made of chrome, I’m sure everyone else seems beneath you. Shiny stuff rules.

Gallas, 31, was the centre of attention, despite not playing in Saturday’s victory over Rovers, in his shiny motor, believed to have cost him about £350,000. [about $490k US…]

The Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren is rated as the world’s fastest convertible, with a top speed of 207mph.

The irony is that Gallas was driving the car to a charity event. Or maybe that’s quasi-Alanis Morrisette irony, which really isn’t irony at all. If I need a knife and I have 10,000 spoons, that sounds more like the forces of probability in play. I can’t believe Dave Coulier hit that. Who would have thought Alanis would be such a sucker for the Popeye voice.

/Daily Mail, via Maj from KSK/

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