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Japanese sumo wrestler Toyozakura Toshiaki has been punished with a 30% pay cut for three months after officials learned that he had beaten an apprentice with a ladle, resulting in eight stitches for the 18-year-old victim.  Yes, a ladle.  I imagine it's never far from his reach.  Because he eats with it.  He's fat, you see.

Toyozakura, 34, apologized after admitting he used a ladle to hit the apprentice on the head.

"I asked him to do something, which I don't remember exactly, but he couldn't do it," Toyozakura said.

Naomi Campbell, is that you? 

Violent hazing, or beating during training, has long been seen as customary [in sumo], contributing to the sport's struggle to attract new recruits. But there was a public outcry over the death last year of a teenage apprentice who was beaten with a beer bottle and a baseball bat.

Ah, jeez.  First they come for your bats and bottles, next thing you know your ladles are gone.  Pretty soon they'll have to punish apprentices with video of the Japanese version of We Are The World.


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