James Holzhauer Is Hinting That Something Big Happens On ‘Jeopardy!’ Tonight


James Holzhauer is close to another bit of Jeopardy! history, but there’s some concern that the improbable might happen. Jeopardy! superfans are like James — they love to crunch the numbers and figure out the odds. Over his record-breaking run of wins on the trivia show he’s shown he can dominate opponents with a quick trigger finger, a wide breath of trivia knowledge and the willingness to bet big and put his opponents away.

Some speculate that Holzhaur’s odds of losing are somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 out of 100 trips to the Jeopardy! podium. So if you’re a numbers person and like playing the odds, as Holzhauer himself is, it’s easy to think that a slip-up for Holzhauer could be coming. And another week with James as Jeopardy! champion may have brought just that.

On Monday, Holzhauer retweeted a USA Today story about how long Holzhauer might be on the show, with a cryptic and possibly spoiler-filled response in his quote tweet.

It’s certainly curious timing to say such a thing, and Holzhauer has been more active on social media as of late. Could he actually lose when he’s so close to the all-time regular season? We know the kind of game it would take to beat Holzhauer, and he’s survived some very close calls during his 32-day streak of wins. James is a modest (for him) payday away from becoming the biggest winner in Jeopardy! regular season history. Could he really fall short of that mark when he’s so close, and been so impressive, throughout his time on the show?

There was plenty of speculation online Monday morning, but most markets had yet to air Monday’s episode. But it’s also entirely possible that he’s just stirring speculation. He’s tweeted about how well he’d do in reruns as well.

Either way, if Holzhauer goes down, we know at least one person who would be excited: his daughter.