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I apologize for all the Jenn Sterger news today — I know how much you people hate sexy pictures — but in addition to joining forces with More Credible (see today's SAN), she has also used her personal blog to blow up SPORTSbyBROOKS's report that she was fired from  She breaks down SbB's post FireJoeMorgan-style, refuting pretty much everything they wrote.  It's actually kind of uncomfortable to read.  Here's part of her defense for her appearance in Playboy:

As for the infamous Playboy pics or lack thereof… so what?… Was it good for you?.. Glad you enjoyed it!! But Buddy, that was the May 2006 magazine Top Ten Party schools feature that was shot 6 months before the actual photo ran. It was one shot. One boob. Get over it. My Playboy experience was awesome. The company is a great one to work with, and it has definitely opened doors for a lot of people other than me. To say I have no credibility based on the fact I chose to pose for one photo in a reputable men’s magazine is absolutely ridiculous.

I like SbB a lot, and I'm sure they had a good source for their report, but I'm going to have to believe the hot chick here. Basically the only way SbB can refute Jenn's claims with any credibility is if some of the SbB girls shoot a video where they make out, call Jenn a lying bitch, and then make out some more.  What can I say, my penis is never gonna be a Supreme Court justice.

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