‘Jeopardy’ Champion James Holzhauer Evoked The Drake Curse On Twitter


James Holzhauer teased something big happening on Monday’s episode of Jeopardy! and he hasn’t slowed speculation that his historic time on the show may be at an end.

Holzhauer falling short on Monday would be ironic — he’s within striking distance of Ken Jennings all-time regular season winnings mark — but it would make his daughter very happy. But for fans who have fallen for his aggressive style and huge wagers during his 32-game run, it would be a huge disappointment to see him leave so soon.

As spoilers circled the internet and speculation grew because of Holzhauer’s own tweeting, he evoked the Drake Curse when he joked about inviting the Canadian rapper to the taping of Monday’s shows.

Drake has become infamous for picking a team or athlete to root for, only to see them unceremoniously lose in embarrassing fashion. This happened as recently as Saturday night, when a boxer lost his heavyweight title to someone who looked like an extra from the movie Heavyweights.

So James knowing this bit of sports internet lore is no surprise, but it’s about as deft a tweet as possible to address what happens in the episode while falling short of just coming out and saying it. Others have been less subtle on Monday, but you have to appreciate him understanding his audience and realizing some people still care about spoilers for a show that, as of this writing, hasn’t aired in all but a few markets in these United States.

Holzhauer has even poked fun at himself when it comes to his on-camera charisma, but it’s clear he’s got a knack for online humor.