Kevin Garnett Has Some Comments About The Officiating

04.01.10 9 years ago 6 Comments

The Boston Celtics’ Kevin Garnett was feeling a bit disenfranchised after playing Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Bombers. Durant, who might have the NBA’s best nickname as the “Durant-chula” (spelled phonetically there) went off for 37 points against a Celtics team that just lost its third game out of its last four. Garnett gave credit where it was due–to the officials.

“I thought we was playing Michael F-cking Jordan tonight, the way he was getting the whistle. Durant damn near shot more free throws than our whole team.”

Durant shot 15 free throws (and made all of them) to the Celtics’ 17. This is obviously conclusive evidence that the NBA is still rigged. Or maybe they just played half-assed D and didn’t rebound. But really, this is only up so I can post the clip of Garnett spouting off about how Durant was getting calls. Should “F-cking” be capitalized there? No?

from RedsArmy, via Deadspin.

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