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Shaquille O'Neal finally made his much-anticipated debut for the Suns last night, while Jason Kidd finally donned a Mavs jersey after the trade that was talked about, pulled off, called off, and rejiggered to include Keith Van Horne.  So how'd they do?  Eh… comme ci, comme ça, as my Quebecois dancer Brigitte used to say.  Used to.

Shaq looked surprisingly fit, and surprisingly fit into the Phoenix offense pretty well, scoring 15 points and adding nine rebounds in 29 minutes, but old teammate Kobe Bryant upstaged him by going for 41 on 16-of-25 shooting in a 130-124 win for LA.  Pau Gasol added 29 for the Lake Show, while the Suns were led by Amare Stoudemire's 37/15 and Steve Nash's 26 and 8 assists.

Less heartening (if you're a Mavs fan) was Jason Kidd's first game for Dallas.  Chris Paul showed Kidd who the best point guard in the Association is, scoring 31 to go with 11 assists and nine steals in a 104-93 Hornets win.  Kidd's line: 8 points, 5 assists, and 6 turnovers in 37 minutes.

"I caused a couple of breakdowns," Kidd conceded. "We can build on this. … I have some bad habits. I just have to make some adjustments and look at the game."

Yeah, just a couple adjustments.  Like sucking less.  That's what I'd suggest.

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