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After last night, the city of Los Angeles can claim 15 NBA titles and 25 arrests to its credit after Game 5 in Orlando and from the ensuing calamity in Los Angeles last night. But even the rioting in the City of Angels never got as ugly as the hat that Lakers coach Phil Jackson decided to wear to the award stand last night–a yellow baseball cap with purple home embroidered “X” on the front, signifying the ten championship teams Jackson has coached. From the Boston Globe:

Jackson won six titles with Michael Jordan and the Bulls and now four with the Lakers. In celebration of his accomplishment, he wore a yellow hat with a purple Roman numeral X on it with each title year listed around it.

Orlando coach Stan Van Gundy believes Jackson is the greatest NBA coach of all time.

“Hey, some of the stuff is almost incomprehensible, OK?” Van Gundy said. “I think if I’m right, the guy has won 51 playoff series now. Check your record book and see how many coaches have ever won 50 playoff games. It’s fewer than 20, and the guy has won 51 playoff series. It’s incomprehensible.”

Look, if he’s the greatest of all time, why feel the need to remind everyone about it? Most of us can count to ten. That hat–that stupid, ugly hat–is tacky on so many levels. It’s a pathetic show of arrogance from a guy that always seemed to handle his business in the right way. Now if he had smashed up ten storefronts on Rodeo Drive…that’s something one could commemorate with a homemade baseball cap. Ten Asian strippers in a weekend…you get the idea.

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