01.09.07 12 years ago 7 Comments

After the Patriots' win in Foxborough on Sunday, Bill Belichick pushed a cameraman out of the way in order to get to midfield to exchange a hug with Eric Mangini. Just about everyone sounded off on Belichick — from douchy Boston Globe columnist Brian McGrory ("a boor of the highest order") to the FanHouse's Michael David Smith, who compared Belichick to Sean Penn and Kenny Rogers (baseball, not country) in a post that has garnered over 800 comments so far.

Here's what it looked like:

Oh my fucking God! What horror! What a monster! I hope someone made sure the cameraman made it to the hospital.

And now Belichick has apologized. Fuck that.

How about this: how about those piranha in the media get the fuck out of the way? And somebody get that memo to people standing in the middle of crowded sidewalks and fatasses who can't take stairs two at a time. Important people like me and Bill Belichick and me shouldn't have to deal with you other blobs of carbon compounds standing in our way and breathing our oxygen.

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