L’il Hockey Brawlers Call A Truce

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08.06.10 6 Comments

Last Tuesday the world was introduced to a video of two hockey tykes preparing to enter the arena of epic ice battles, only to be puck-blocked by a goodie-two-shoes hockey mom. Millions of people watched in awe as these pint-sized Georges Laraques dropped their gloves, cast sportsmanship aside and attempted to settle their differences like men, despite, of course, being teammates. Turns out they were just messing around. Jerks.

J.J. Mazza and Etnie Rosenbaum play league ice hockey in South Florida (ed. – Doesn’t everyone?) and were promptly invited to join the Florida Panthers at practice after their little faux tussle for a “Root Beer Summit,” emulating President Barack Obama’s “Beer Summit” that he held with a police sergeant and college professor that weren’t getting along. Panthers star David Booth joined the kids for a few lessons in sportsmanship, class, behaving like gentlemen, and, I’m guessing, taking out the late morning groupie poon.

As J.J. explains, he was going for his hat trick when Etnie pushed him to the ground. Missing his shot at kiddie league history, J.J. responded with a little “What’s up, bro?” and Etnie responded with some “Oh it’s like that?” and the rest is South Florida hockey history. Booth said that he enjoyed talking with the kids because they were so honest and open. Unfortunately, he could only spend a few minutes with J.J. and Etnie because he was late for a one-man panty raid at FAU.

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