12.18.06 11 years ago 6 Comments

Apparently horses are the new messiahs. Forget Barbaro's close relationship with God: an 82-year-old horse trainer named Don Karkos, who became blind in his right eye in World War II almost 65 years ago, had his vision partially restored when a horse head-butted him.

Karkos was fiercely head-butted by a 4-year-old pacer named My Buddy Chimo while he was getting the horse ready to be jogged by trainer John Gilmour. The force of the blow sent Karkos backward into the stall wall and left him woozy. He told people he had never been struck with such force – except for that explosion while in the Navy. Later that day, while rubbing his left eye, Karkos realized he had regained some of his vision in his right eye.

If I had a horse, I'd name it My Buddy Chemotherapy. I'd charge cancer patients $20 to ride him and have the the disease bucked out of them. 

*This post brought to you by With Leather, the only sports blog happy to impose a horse's head onto Jesus's body. Merry Christmas! 

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