12.14.07 10 years ago 25 Comments

Last night the NFL Network aired yet another game I really would have preferred to have on one of 12 screens at a sports bar on Sunday.  I didn't catch a second of it, but the Texans walloped the Broncos 31-13 to make it back to .500 and keep their slim hopes for the playoffs alive.  More importantly, they looked good doing it.  Love the red unis, Houston.

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to Texans' management.  Like most other people with eyes who uses those eyes to occasionally watch college football, I thought Houston was insane to pass on Reggie Bush to draft Mario Williams #1 overall in 2006.  Well, right now I'm in therapy to recover from the experience of having Bush on my fantasy team, while Williams notched 3.5 sacks last night to raise his season total to 13.  Houston Texans: you are smart, I am dumb.  I will reserve my future judgments about your team to Sage Rosenfels's goofy face.

Oh yeah, and Bryant Gumbel missed the game with a "sore throat."  Awful Announcing's live blog has plenty of love for stand-in Tom Hammond, and maybe if we band together and bitch about Gumbel loudy enough we can get him fired like we did with Theismann.  But I wouldn't count on it.  The NFL doesn't give a shit about its fans.  It's like the prettiest girl in school that way.  "Once she sees I'll do anything for her, she's bound to respect me!"

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