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The St. Louis Cardinals commissioned a statue of Mark McGwire after he hit 70 dingers in 1998, but it doesn't look like they'll be displaying it any time soon.

But the bronze is draped in cloth, hidden in a downtown warehouse. Its place in the limelight has been thrown into question, like so much of McGwire's legacy, by suspicion that steroid use enhanced his career…

Making the sculpture took months for [sculptor Harry] Weber and a team of welders, masons and artists. Now the labor of love is hidden in an undisclosed location. The Cardinals own it, Weber said, and don't want anyone taking a peek.

I think I saw this in a movie. Didn't Bud Selig die when he looked at this statue and his face melted off? No? Maybe that's just wishful thinking.

The version that remains under wraps is three-quarters life-sized.

…of McGwire in his prime, so it's essentially the same size as McGwire without steroids. A fitting tribute. 

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