The Raiders And Marshawn Lynch Trolled The Seahawks By Calling A Goal Line Audible To A Pass ‘Seattle’

It’s not easy to troll in an NFL game. Coaches and players are focused on getting every possible inch on every play. Unless your name is Bill Belichick, you don’t have time for clever little digs. But here was Oakland on the Jets goal-line on Sunday with Marshawn Lynch lined up in the backfield, only to have Derek Carr check out of a Lynch run with an audible, yelling “Seattle.” It was a pass. It was not an interception. It was the finest display of trolling in sports in many, many moons.We know that call affected millions.

Pete Carroll, who may never live down this call, is probably feeling the sting, wherever he is right now.

The main takeaway from this ridiculous dig is that the NFL is better with Marshawn Lynch on the field, and contrary to what many pundits thought before the year started, he’s looking damn solid. The year off has seemed to put some spring back into his step, and today he scored his first touchdown for his hometown team. There will be Skittles showers tonight, and they will be glorious.