‘Meat Hawks? That’s Not Even Close…’

07.01.10 8 years ago

  • The “Dad App” is everything it promises to be: a sad-but-oh-so-true tribute to fathers everywhere.

    Old Rich People.

  • People you might run into at a Jonas Brothers concert. Because I could totally see you at a Jonas Brothers concert.


  • You know you’re a horrible athlete when you injure your hamstring during your home run trot. Looking good, Baltimore.

    It’s Always Sunny In Detroit.

  • Remember that American that was in that really long match at Wimbledon? He just got a trophy that looks like a penis. A big penis crashing into some waves, apparently.


  • If Bob Bradley gets canned as the coach of the Yankee Mutant Ninja Turtles, we already have a frontrunner to replace him.

    East Coast Bias.

  • This guy ate a five-pound sandwich to coax LeBron into playing for the Knicks. Or, because he’s really fat and has food issues. One of those.

    Last Angry Fan.

  • Breaking tennis news: Maria Sharapova has an amazing ass.

    Frat House Sports.

  • Larry King is retiring from his cable interview show. Maybe Conan could host that show for 9 months until King changes his mind about it.

    Next Round.

  • The fifteen hottest fans in sports. I just felt like spelling out “fifteen.”

    Bleacher Report.

  • Crazy World Cup outfits are crazy.


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