Mexican Bodybuilder Es Muy Furioso

08.31.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

This video apparently made the web rounds over the weekend but today was the first time I viewed it since I spend my weekends teaching inner city kids how to do one-armed push-ups in front of supermodels. While the details of this video are muy mysterioso (Rey Mysterio?) we do know that after these Mexican bodybuilders were done greasing themselves up and flexing for their adoring fans, things got el terrible.

When one of the competitors was awarded third place, he didn’t quite care for the judges’ decision. As you can see in the video after the jump, he accepts his third place prize (a gift card to Cama, Baño y Más Allá, I presume) and he promptly tears it up and confronts the panel of judges, everyone in the audience, y todo el mundo. Well, one of the judges didn’t appreciate this behavior and he puts an end to it… by getting his ass stomped.

At least Mexican television features shows that are developed for specific networks. Of course bodybuilding is going to be shown on Grabaciones. Pay attention, American networks. The Learning Channel should not be airing 16 shows about midgets and cakes, unless midget strippers are popping out of those cakes. And would it kill Speedvision to have one show about how to make your own crystal meth? Or would that be more of a DIY thing?

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