Michael J. Fox Marks The Cubs World Series Victory With A Necessary Reference To ‘Back To The Future’

We’ve seen plenty of great reactions to the Chicago Cubs winning The World Series, including a look back at how Parks And Recreation managed to “predict” the team’s ascendence during its final season. Analytics played a big part there — and common sense — but don’t think the other pop culture staple with a Cubs prediction didn’t chime in to celebrate the win.

Michael J. Fox tweeted out this humorous reference early this morning, noting how Back To The Future was only a little late with their prediction about the World Series. They were also off about the opponent, but the story is silly as it is. Gotta let it slide:

But Fox wasn’t the only Back To The Future connection sharing his thoughts about the Cubs victory on Wednesday. Back To The Future Part II screenwriter Bob Gale also pointed out how they settled on the Cubs win in the film, referencing their futility up to that point and the ridiculousness of a possible World Series win at the time. The big difference for Gale is that now the Cubs win carries a little sadness with it according to The Hollywood Reporter:

“Of course this year, they weren’t a 100:1 shot, and I don’t think they were even a 100:1 shot last year,” Gale says. “So Bob [Zemeckis] and I have been talking about this since last year, of course, when it looked like our prediction might actually come true in the right year. So the question now is: so, they’ve won, is the joke ever going to be funny again? It’s not an usual event now…

I was thinking if the Cubs lose, people will still laugh at the joke and if the Cubs win, then we made an almost accurate prediction

The joke is still funny, but the entire future of Back To The Future Part II is complete trash now. If it wasn’t already wiped clean in Part III, I would ask Universal to do us a favor and just remake the entire thing. Do us all a solid and replace the Cubs with the Browns or something. Change sports.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)