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So I'm sitting in the tavern Wednesday at noon taking my usual 3-hour liquid lunch break, and over the course of several jars of J.J.&S, I convinced myself that Michigan deserved to be the 8-point favorite as determined by my local independent businessman.  Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there to never make important financial decisions after imbibing half a bottle of whiskey on an empty stomach.  Always try to eat something first.  Anyway, Oregon scored 36 unanswered points against the Wolverines yesterday on their way to a 39-7 win:

"We have good kids and they're hurting," Wolverines coach Lloyd Carr said. "If losing doesn't make you hurt, you shouldn't be at Michigan."

I have a feeling Lloyd Carr is hurting right now, if he's even still alive.  I imagine he's in some booster's trunk on a one-way trip to Windsor, Ontario.  Michigan's worst loss since 1968 didn't faze running back Michael Hart however:

"We'll be all right," said Michigan's Mike Hart, who ran for 127 yards. "I'm not worried about it. We'll bounce back . . . I guarantee we win next week, . . .I was surprised we only scored seven points," Hart said.

That seems like a bold statement, except they're playing Notre Dame next week. -KD 

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