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Michigan and Notre Dame, obviously feeling that the rivalry has fallen into a bit of a rut, have decided to take some time off and see other opponents after the 2011 football season.

Michigan won't settle for just any opponent when its football series with Notre Dame takes a break… Michigan will play a national power from a major conference, most likely in a home-and-home series, athletic director Bill Martin told The Ann Arbor News for a story posted on its Web site Tuesday evening. "There are a lot of teams Michigan would like to play and who would like to play Michigan," Martin said.

Yeah!  Michigan's still attractive!  Lots of people would LOVE to be Michigan's rival!  So just go ahead and keep walking, Notre Dame!  You're the one who let yourself go!  Fatass!

Notre Dame athletic director Kevin White last week announced that Oklahoma would replace Michigan for two years after the current contract expires.  White said the goal is to play in different parts of the country in an attempt to return Notre Dame to its independent roots.

God, that whore Oklahoma?  Ugh, of course you did.  Well, have fun fucking around with the rest of the country, Notre Dame.  I'm sure your parents and your priest are real proud of you.

(Whatever, they're totally getting back together.)

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