MLB Considers Expanding Playoffs…Again

10.26.10 7 years ago

Major League Baseball, perhaps saddened by the loss of their marquee teams from this year’s World Series (which starts on Wednesday night, for some reason), might be open to expanding their postseason format, according to the new head of the players’ union. Baseball, which expanded its playoff tournament to 8 teams in 1994, still admits fewer teams into its postseason than any other major professional sport. Including NASCAR.

“Certainly some of the players have said either we should shorten the regular season because the regular season’s too long, or we should shorten the regular season to accommodate expanded postseason,” [MLB Union head Michael] Weiner said, adding that would have “revenue implications for the industry.”

“That is one of the ideas that they are kicking around. But having said that, we understand that a proposal to reduce the length of the regular season will be viewed one way by the owners as opposed to a proposal to expand or modify the structure of the postseason.” –Y! Sports.

Just admit everyone. How else are the Pirates gonna have another chance to win a playoff series? This will just be the first step toward a 11-month regular season. Hey, it’s gonna happen. Just wake me up when they get to the metal bats; I can’t wait for every sport to have its own concussion issue.

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