MLB Dealing With Rogue Umpire

05.28.10 8 years ago

Major League Baseball umpire Joe West is a man of many hats, having first stepped behind the plate in 1976, serving as the president of the World Umpires Association, and being a successful country music singer. West’s desire for attention is no secret, and this week he may have pushed his last button with the MLB brass when his PR representative made him available to the media to discuss his April comments regarding the Yankees and Red Sox playing too long and his latest verbal quarrel with Ozzie Guillen.

However, as West has a reputation for doing, he’s being accused of using his on-field antics to support his upcoming country music album and possibly his line of umpire equipment and gear as well. MLB executives spoke with West on the phone yesterday, and it is believed that the conversation wasn’t friendly. In fact, MLB may be pressing to suspend West, but it’s sort of tough seeing as he’s the president of the umpire governing body. And oh what a large body it is.

Save the Queen from Reggie Jackson, Yahoo! Sports Rumors:

His transgression? West has reportedly been trying to get reporters to talk to him about something Major League Baseball wants everybody to forget about: when he called the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox “pathetic and embarrassing” because of their long game times. West also wants to talk to reporters about ejecting Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and pitcher Mark Buerhle.

West’s latest controversy came when he ejected Buerhle and Guillen after they argued two balk calls. Buerhle is widely considered to have one of the best pick off moves in baseball, so balk calls are even more rare with the White Sox veteran. Guillen, equally good at attracting the spotlight, has fired back all week with profanities that would make George Carlin quit the Navy.

MLB officials are expected to have a decision soon, and West will continue to talk to any media outlet that is interested in his side of the story. Like the Food Network, for instance. Joe would love to stop by Ace of Cakes for the next few months.

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