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Gaelic football and Australian Rules are similar sports, both falling within the realm between rugby and American football.  But they’re still different enough that a hybrid, International Rules, was developed to let the Australians and Irish compete against each other.

The International Rules Series kicks off tomorrow for the first time since 2006 (it’s supposed to be an annual event), and given that drinking and fighting are the only things the Irish and Australians are good at, you can guess how this series goes.  The reason it wasn’t played last year: a series of on-field brawls and assorted violence put the event’s future in doubt. Not sure why that’s seen as bad. I’d pay good money to watch Irish and Australians fight. “Fight! Fight, you curs! Winner gets a mug of ale!”

(You can watch the goodness in the video above, but I strongly recommend muting your computer, as it’s unfortunately set to Limp Bizkit or some similar insult to your ears and intelligence.)

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