The New York Mets Were Forced To Apologize After Mr. Met Was Caught Giving A Fan ‘The Middle Finger’

06.01.17 11 months ago

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It hasn’t been the best season for Mets fans up to this point. Despite being in second place in the NL East, they’re still close to ten games behind the Washington Nationals and dealing with injuries to key players. There’s a lot to be frustrated about, even if it has been worse in the past. That frustration reared its head on Wednesday night as Mets mascot Mr. Met was caught on camera doing this:

That’s right, a mascot with four fingers on each hand managed to give a fan “the middle finger.” The team was losing big to a Brewers team that had only mustered two wins in nine games, so you can only assume that the fans were giving Mr. Met the business as he was leaving the field. This clearly pushed the guy to the edge and he snapped, doing the only thing he could think of doing at the moment. It’s a split second but it has a lot to love — particularly how Mr. Met uses his other hand to hold down the fingers on the obscene hand.

The team issued an apology for the incident and noted that they are dealing with the incident:

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