New Zealand Bowler Showed Teammates His Head Pin, Faces 10-Year Ban

08.10.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

I don’t know much about “bowls,” the outdoor bowling sport that’s prominent in the Australian-ish region of the world, but I’m pretty sure that showing one’s penis to one’s teammates isn’t really part of the procedure. Because if that were the case, we’d be playing it like crazy here. And by “we,” I mean “your mom and the gays.” Hi, gays!

David File admits he “flopped out my old fella” when he returned from the toilet to illustrate to his losing fours team that they were “playing like dicks” on the middle day of the Easter Burton Cup tournament at Kahutia Bowling Club.

The 43-year-old Gisborne painter told The Dominion Post last night that he regretted his actions and maintained few saw his act and no one was offended at the time. –Stuff (NZ).

That seems excessive. I could probably walk out my front door with my John Thomas dangling prominently in the sunshine and I’d probably get less than ten years in jail. Did File’s wang have some anti-Semitic epitaths carved into it? Nothing expresses Jew hate better than a vandalized penis. Besides everything. Way to go, New Zealand! –via Ben Maller.

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