Peyton Manning, Jason Pierre Paul, And More NFL Stars Read Mean Tweets On ‘Kimmel’ Ahead Of The Super Bowl

The third edition of NFL Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel Live might actually be the meanest we’ve seen up to this point. Jason Pierre Paul’s hand becomes a focus at one point, Aqib Talib’s false shooting report closes things out, and even Terry Bradshaw is hit with a new bit of negativity. He got a lot worse during his career, but it is still something to see him continue to draw the ire of fans.

Some of them are kept to just the football field, though the best go after the players personally. Comparing Danny Amendola to both Burt Reynolds and Sally Field from Smokey And The Bandit is a nice one and Michael Crabtree does look like he could be right there next to Dr. Fink on the stage with Prince. On the flipside, Ryan Tannehill is far too nice and was probably late for his shift at Journeys while taping this segment.

T.Y. Hilton and Fletcher Cox seem to take theirs the best, with Cox pointing to his last name for his brief appearance and Hilton reminding everybody that he doesn’t need to be drafted to your fantasy team. Also, getting angry over your fantasy team is just so silly when you can easily just get mad at the neighborhood children. You’ll be more satisfied.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)