Nick Saban Is Not Your Political Ally

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08.19.10 10 Comments

Some people in this world simply have no integrity and no moral fibers. Take Dorothy Davidson, for instance. The candidate for mayor of Bessemer, Alabama recently passed out some campaign fliers featuring a photograph of herself and University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban with a message of the National Champion coach’s endorsement for her election. The only problem is the picture is photoshopped and Dorothy’s people digitally added her picture over Saban’s wife.

But it’s totally cool, you see. Saban told Dorothy’s people that she could do it because her campaign manager’s father and Nick are good friends. He just didn’t have enough time to meet up with Dorothy to take a new photo, so he passed along the photo of him and his wife taken in 2007 (after the jump) and said, “Just go ahead and slap your photo over my wife.” So these pesky newspaper and TV reporters need to leave Dorothy alone, because she and her campaign manager swore repeatedly yesterday that their story was valid, and her campaign indeed had the Crimson blessing of the Tide.

Go ahead and question the photo of me and Marisa Miller exchanging wedding vows, Birmingham News:

While the photo is fake, the support of Saban is real, Davidson and her campaign manager, Kevin Morris, maintain.

“My dad, Larry Morris, and coach Saban are friends,” Morris said Tuesday. “We were on the golf course one day, and I asked him myself if this would be OK.”

Morris said Saban agreed. Morris said he would not have created the campaign flier, which has the upcoming football schedules for the University of Alabama, Auburn University and the University of Alabama at Birmingham on the back side, if Saban’s endorsement was not legitimate.

You see? All good. Just kidding, they are terrible, dirty liars. Morris admitted later yesterday that he’s full of crap and they never got Saban’s endorsement. Pretty pathetic routine these people are running. But the victim isn’t the voter and it’s not you and I as the news audience. The victim here is Saban. How dare Davidson and Morris drag his honest and pure name through the mud? That man is respected from Coral Gables to Baton Rouge and it’s an insult to the thinking man to try and besmirch Saban’s dignity.

May our prayers be with Saban and his wife as they deal with this horrific ordeal.

In the meantime, I discovered some other people who have taken advantage of Saban’s kindly, generous nature by using his image for their poorly photoshopped personal gains.

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